Ashton Cruz

Ashton Cruz

While living in Asia, Ashton enrolled himself in a course to become a ninja.
This sadly ended in tragedy when at some point he made a noise so damn high while doing backflips, that a centennial levitating sensei ascended and never came back.

His ability to create incredibly high-pitched voices, combined with his love for glamour made him realize that he was missing out to be the frontman of a glam band.  Even though 80’s may have been gone for ages, it’s guys like Ashton are responsible for kickstarting the next revival.

So, come and check out this sexy chest haired motherforker that fronts the band, who has cat-like agility and sometimes still does backflips.

Legend says that he is apparently related to a famous guy but he altered his last name a bit to make a name for himself. On stage he is a beast, backstage even more, this guy will definitly show you how to dance.

Get ready for the night of your life with the one and only Ashton Cruz.