In 2012, a band without a name was rehearsing in a bunker.
Due to that location, that band wanted a name which was influenced by the military/warfare.
The name needed something rebellious and should match their genre.
After some brainstorming, Ambush came up and perfectly matched the vibe that they were looking for!

Ambush brings back the energy and the rebellious sound of 80’s hard rock bands,
which were famous to create madness on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.
The playlist consists of songs that create a nostalgic feeling, while still powerful enough to rock the place!

On top of that, Ambush brings you one hell of a rock show!

The show is completely built around best and most legendary hard rock songs of the 80’s!

Get ready to sing along with them and party away all your troubles, because
Ambush really loves to party and wants nothing but a good time!

Making a crowd go wild is what they stand for
Ambush really is your safe bet for a band that does everything to entertain an audience!

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