Tim’s dad was very passionate about collecting and listening all kinds of music.
As a little man, Tim imagined himself on stage one day!
At the age of 17 he bought his first keyboard from the money he gained from a holiday job.

In the years that followed Tim studied the whole series ‘That’s How You Play Keyboard‘ until his parents decided to sent him to music school.
That’s when his years of classical music began, because it was the only genre you could follow back then.

While this was a very strong basis to read and play all kinds of music, his hunger to play an instrument with a lot of knobs, buttons and power synth sounds was not stilled.

So as soon as the option ‘Jazz and Pop’ came available he immediately switched over.

His music teacher figured really quick what Tim really wanted to learn and he began to tech him some tricks to improve his sound drastically.

And that’s how Tim end up playing in a few bands, which sadly ended.
With Ambush he’s got a different feeling, it feels like he found some soulmates, the ones who’s amps go to eleven!